The Verdant Vigilante is the first storyline in the Jolt City series, which forms the second and larger half of the Jolt City novel (where it is presented under the title "What Grand Adventures"). Coming after the Green Knight miniseries and before The Sensational Character-Find of 2007! storyline, it details the attempts of Martin Rock, the second Green Knight, to apprehend druglord Samson Snapp. More than that, it charts Martin's personal journey and psychology, as he moves (in the words of the novel's back cover copy), "from self-reliance to friendship, from pain to peace, from anger to joy".

Originally published in serial format between August 2006 and September 2007 in Jolt City # 1-11, it takes place between September 2006-April 2007.

1. The Paradise Snake! not in the novel
2. There Was a Crooked Man! 7. ...There Was a Crooked Man!
3. My Enemy, Myself! 8. My Enemy, Myself!
4. The Green Knight-Darkhorse Team! 9. The Green Knight-Darkhorse Team!
5. The Lion, The Witch, and the Unicycle 10. To Tango with the Trapper!
6. To Tango with the Trapper! 10. To Tango with the Trapper!
7. The Last Trapper Story! 10. To Tango with the Trapper!
8. Panic in a Pretty Box! 11. Panic in a Pretty Box!
9. ...aka The Hallucinated Man! 12. Crisis on Another Earth!
10. The Most Dangerous Man! 13. The Most Dangerous Man!
11. Mystery of the Two Green Knights! 14. Mystery of the Two Green Knights!

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