The Nostalgics is both the name of a miniseries, and the team of costumed adventurers formed by Elliot Goodman around which the series revolves. On indefinite hiatus since 2006 (after the publication of only three of its eight issues), it takes the form of a long first-person confession from Jason Righteous, a mentally-unstable and tactically useless member of the team who betrays his teammates, resulting in at least one death.

This basic outline is conveyed at the very beginning of the series, with critical information-- who he killed, how he betrayed them, to whom, and why-- withheld.

Author Tom Russell lost interest in the series, especially once he began work on Jolt City.


Living Virus;


Jason Righteous (Connection/Ark);



Number Title
The Nostalgics 01 And I Spoke For All Things
The Nostalgics 02 Inherently Disconcerting
The Nostalgics 03 The Keyhole War

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