Template # 3, "Normal" (March 2006, Jamie Rosen) is the twenty-fifth Eightfold publication. Various threads from the previous two issues get further development, as Billy Kidman: discusses the Terrence Hutter death threat with a detective; speaks to Dorothy Willingham about her brother's mental illness; reads more of his father's diary to gain a deeper understanding of how the Template belt works; discusses his search for The Philosophers of Uqbar with Rebecca-- who seems to recognize, and blanch at, the name of Amelia de Fuerza Guerrera; and is visited by the costumed adventurer Red Surge, who asks him to give the belt back to the Canadian government, with the understanding that they won't force the issue if he declines.


Dorothy Willingham, former owner of Billy's bookstore;

Red Surge, a living legend of Canada;

Totmacher, a Nazi who wore armor made of dead children.


Template # 3

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