Template # 2, "Normal" (May 2005, Jamie Rosen) is the sixth Eightfold publication.

Billy Kidman opens his bookstore in Rex Falls. While reading his father's war diary, he's met by an old friend, Rebecca, who is in search of the book The Philosophers of Uqbar. They make a dinner date for later in week, and Billy asks around about the book.

He makes the acquaintance of Amelia de Fuerza Guerrera, who informs him that the book is fictitious, invented by Jorge Luis Borges in his story, Tion, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius-- that story being about a fictitious world that begins to supplant our own. She claims, however, that someone has made the book a reality, and, having seen it once, would be very interested in seeing it again.

At the end of the story, Billy is accosted by a seemingly delusional man-- later revealed to be Grant Willingham-- in search of the bookstore's former owner, his sister, Dorothy. Grant collapses into a fetal position and mutters that "The Red coats are coming."


Amelia de Fuerza Guerrera;


Grant Willingham.


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