Template # 1, "Normal" (April 2005, Jamie Rosen) is the second Eightfold publication and the first from Eightfold co-founder Jamie Rosen. It finds Billy Kidman returning home to Rex Falls shortly after his father's death. His mother reveals that his father was the WWII-era hero Template, and tells him it was his father's wish that Billy carry on in his footsteps. Billy has little desire to do so.

At his father's funeral, Billy is accosted by Terrence Hutter, the grand-son of a super-criminal that Billy's father had "humiliated at every turn". Hutter blames Billy's father for ruining the lives of "three generations of Hutter men" before making a veiled threat against Billy and taking his leave.

And so, Billy picks up the telephone, and calls the police.


Billy Kidman;

Terrence Hutter;



Template # 1

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NONE TEMPLATE Template # 2

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