Template is both a series in the Eightfold Universe, created by Jamie Rosen and currently on hiatus, and the costumed name of the protagonist's deceased father. That protagonist, the bookish, violence-averse, and all-around "normal" Billy Kidman, finds himself beset by an increasingly bizarre set of circumstances involving a fictitious book that threatens to overtake our reality.

The CharacterEdit

Template the hero utilized a belt that allowed him to mimic the abilities of characters in books its wearer reads-- nothing beyond the range of human possibility. And so, the swashbuckling skills of Scaramouche and the brain-power of Sherlock Holmes might be called on, but not the impossible strength of Hercules.

The SeriesEdit

Only four issues, all titled "Normal", have been completed, and the series has been on indefinite hiatus since August of 2007.

Template 01 (April 2005)

Template 02 (May 2005)

Template 03 (March 2006)

Template 04 (August 2007)