Speak! # 7, "...A Drop to Drink" (July 2005, Tom Russell) is the tenth Eightfold publication, pitting Gregory Dingham and Harry Cash, now in his Gas Man flying suit, in battle against a trio of heroes: the first Darkhorse, Pachyderm, and the second Dr. Metronome. Gregory robs Darkhorse of his powers-- telling him to "slow down"-- and causes Pachyderm to violate himself with his telescoping "elephant trunk".

Metronome follows Dingham and Cash, but Gregory tells her to "sleep". They kidnap her and bring her back to their motel room. Dingham removes Metronome's suit-- her belt being the source of her powers-- and begins to take advantage of her before stopping himself.




The Collected Speak! (5-9)

Speak! # 6 (9) 8FOLD MASTER LIST Speak! # 8 (11)
Speak! # 6 SPEAK! Speak! # 8

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