Speak! # 6, "At the Goodman Museum of Supernatural and Paranormal Phenomenon and Miscellany" (July 2005, Tom Russell) is the ninth Eightfold publication. It finds Gregory Dingham and Harry Cash at the titular museum and making the acquaintance of the eccentric super-obsessed millionaire Elliot Goodman, who more-or-less hints that it's perfectly alright for them to come back after hours and steal Harry's former super-suit.

As they prepare for their break-in back at their hotel, Gregory and Harry watch Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. Gregory yells at the screen, and, to his shock, the characters on the screen start doing what he says, that one change resulting in a completely different movie and ending. He's left wondering just how powerful he is, and anticipating the coming heist.


Loris, the Nocturnal, widely-but-incorrectly regarded as the first super to die in the line of duty;

Red Fido, a super-powered communist canine, also deceased;

Deathrow, a supervillain responsible for hundreds of deaths;

Gorilla Boy, who had tried to stop him;

Elliot Goodman;

Two-in-One, who could split himself into two separate bodies.


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