Speak! # 4, "Heroes, Heroes, Everywhere and Not..." (June 2005, Tom Russell) is the seventh Eightfold publication. It concerns the search of Gregory Dingham and Harry Cash for a suitable victim for their unmasking scheme through the use of glossy super-oriented magazines and television programming. Gregory uses his powers to pull petty pranks on heroes he deems worthy of torment, while Cash stresses that they adhere to a chivalrous code of villain's honour.


The original Darkhorse, who Gregory inflicts with diarrhea;

Happenstance, upon whom Gregory inflicts her period;

Fast-Fwd, who Gregory causes to gain a lot of weight;

Critical Mach, a speedster from Harry's old days;

Professor Rockhopper, an inventions-and-traps-based villain.


The Collected Speak! (1-4) at Pipermail

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