Speak! # 2, "Kentucky-Fried Redhead" (May 2005, Tom Russell), is the third Eightfold publication. Picking up from the events of the first issue, it finds Gregory Dingham on the road following the bank robbery. He stops at a out-of-the-way restauraunt in Kentucky, where he secretly induces a trio of orgasms in the titular redheaded waitress. The narrator classifies the actions as a rape, and Gregory neither disputes nor agrees with this.

Back on the road, Gregory picks up a hitch-hiker, Harry Cash-- a former villain, once known as the Gas Man, just out of prison. The two of them find a motel room and swap stories.


This is the first issue to use the present-tense, second-person narrator-- always questioning Gregory's actions, always throwing it in his face-- that was to be one of the story's most notable features.


Harry Cash, the Gas Man;

Menlo Parker, a gadgeteer of long-ago;

Fish Monger, the name of two unrelated villains;

The Journeyman, Eightfold's premiere but mysteriously-disappeared hero.


The Collected Speak! (1-4) at Pipermail

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