Speak! was the first Eightfold series. Running for nine issues from April-July 2005, it chronicles the misadventures and moral dilemmas faced by its primary protagonist, Gregory Dingham, a young man who finds himself able to alter the course of reality itself by merely speaking his desires, and his associate, Harry Cash, an ex-convict/supervillain.

Most of the series is written in an accusative second-person, castigating Dingham for his behaviour. Author Tom Russell had stated that he intended it to be an exploration of the capacity for evil in human beings.

1. The Strange Case of Gregory Dingham

2. Kentucky-Fried Redhead

3. Things are things.

4. Heroes, Heroes, Everywhere, and Not...

5. The Origin of the Gas-Man

6. At the Goodman Museum of Supernatural and Paranormal Phenomenon and Miscellany

7. ... A Drop to Drink

8. Whirlwind

9. Fathers