Shaka Zoom is an African super-genius bent on world domination. A five-percenter, Zoom used his considerable wealth, technological know-how, and above all his ability to create "plans within plans, a web of contingencies and feints that are nearly as impossible to comprehend as they are to predict" to briefly take over the world three times.

The nemesis of Fahrenheit Man, Zoom's plans for world domination were intended to bring about a golden age under his own benevolent dictatorship. Realizing during a moment of profound doubt and melancholy that he was too old to create a lasting and meaningful utopia, but also realizing that his lust for power would drive him to try again anyway, Shaka Zoom decided to devise a death trap that would prevent him from carrying out his devious plans. This task required him to out-think himself, to anticipate every move he come up with in the future. Whether or not he succeeded remains to be seen.


Zoom employed an army of holographic "Shaka-troopers", held in reserve a number of mutant sleeper agents, and sometimes resided in an "upside-down" Reflecting Palace that existed only as a reflection upon the Atlantic Ocean.


Journey Into 13