The Seven Wonders is the longest-running continuously-active superhero team in the world. First formed during the Second World War, its roster of seven has often changed dramatically since the mid-fifties. Whatever the roster, the team as a whole is often considered to be the creme de la creme of four-colour adventuring, with membership being a rarified honour.

Founding MembersEdit

The founding members all had some connection to the traditional Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Founding members who have been mentioned by name include:

Pharos, who was active in Jolt City and may have employed the secret church sub-basement that's currently the second Knight's Den;

Rhodes, for whom the giant typewriter (and accompanying giant red felt marker) were invented and manufactured.

Current MembersEdit

Julie Ann Justice, now best known as the wife of the Human Zeppelin;

Farhenheit Man, the Zeppelin's best friend;



And, um, three others.

Noted Former MembersEdit

The original Darkhorse;

Sproing, who left amid scandal to join the Nostalgics;

Captain Phantasm, who was senile.