Father Roy Riddle (b. 1968) is a Catholic priest, unabashed superhero fanboy, and confidante of Martin Rock, the second Green Knight. The second Knight's Den is located in a secret sub-basement under his church, and before Dani Handler became the Jolt City Four-Colour Liasion, Riddle was the Green Knight's public relations man and handled his fan mail and requests.

Riddle is often irreverent towards his chosen profession, and usually possessed of a sunny disposition. Providing both spiritual and practical advice to Martin, and to a lesser extent to Derek Mason, his role in their lives has as of late been diminished. Partially this is because his niches have been filled-- Dani Handler is taking care of public relations/fan mail, while Martin's residence at Derek's house with Dani and Pam Bierce, who all know his identity, makes a secret hideaway irrelevent. And partially it is because of those same polyamorous living arrangements, of which Roy strongly disapproves.