Reanna Cradle (1944-2004), born Reanna Jordan and commonly referred to as Ree, was the wife of Ray Cradle (the first Green Knight), the lover of Martin Rock (the second), and the mother of Anders Cradle.

Dismissed by her husband as a flighty socialite, she was never entrusted with his secret identity but sussed it out early into their marriage. As the decades passed and Ray threw himself more and more into his work, their relationship became strained; she embarked on an affair with Ray's sidekick, Martin Rock, who did entrust her with his identity.

Deeply resenting her husband's disrespect for her intelligence and deeply hurt by his lack of trust, in her final months, as she was dying of cancer, she revealed his secrets to her therapist, Melvin Tightly.

Martin was the only person who stayed by Ree's side in her final moments.

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