Proctor Products is a technologies company in Jolt City, founded as the Proctor Unicycle Company by unicycle enthusiast John Proctor. In order to keep his business solvent, the mechanically-minded Proctor branched out into research and development work, notably for their future rival Cradle Industries. They were, however, a means to an end: his passion was unicycles.

The company's fortunes changed seemingly overnight when a unicycle fad overtook Jolt City and the surrounding area shortly after the second Green Knight (Martin Rock) adopted a unicycle as his primary means of transport. How much this contributed to the company's bottom line is difficult to determine. Their rapid growth and increased land buys would seem to indicate a much greater source of capital than a unicycle fad.

Proctor's son, J. Donald Proctor, has big plans for the company, plans that don't necessarily include his father. J. Donald's closest ally and public advocate is city councilman Carlos Canton.