Nathan Willis (birthdate unknown) is a psychopathic racist who served with Martin Rock as a sniper in the first Gulf War. Rock was in the midst of stopping Willis from sexually assaulting a civilian when the building they were in collapsed. Martin saved the woman but left Willis to die.

Willis, however, was not dead, and years later, managed to track Martin down in Jolt City. He kidnapped Martin and Martin's then-employer Pam Bierce. He deposited the paralyzed Martin in a city park, sequestered himself inside a nearby building, and opened fire, killing four children and injuring Rock-- Rock, whom Willis had rendered helpless to stop the carnage.

Unbeknownst to Willis, Martin was in fact the second Green Knight. Working together with the second Darkhorse (Brian Clipper), Martin found Willis and bested him in a unicycle jousting match.

Willis is currently in custody, and likely facing a death sentence.


Jolt City # 3

Jolt City # 4