My Father's Son # 1, "It's a Start" (June 2010, Saxon Brenton) is the eighty-third Eightfold publication. It introduces Slowpoke (Kevin Duchamp), in battle with the diabolical Crime Mime. The Crime Mime manages to elude capture, and Slowpoke returns home to Burlington College, where he lives as a ward of the state. He reflects on what would happen if he was caught sneaking out to do some four-colour heroing; being the son of a black mask, everyone expects him to turn out the same way.



Crime Mime;

the term "Black Mask" for a villain or criminal.


This is the second time that Burlington College appears in the Eightfold universe (the first being The Nostalgics 03), but the first time as written by its creator, Saxon Brenton.


My Father's Son # 1

NONE My Father's Son My Father's Son 02
Journey Into 12 (82) 8FOLD MASTER LIST Jolt City 19 (84)

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