Moses Mason (birthdate unknown; died 2007) was the father of Derek Mason. A former professional boxer with an often frank sense of humour, Moses grew increasingly distant from his son following the death of his wife. This chasm grew deeper when Derek began to sell drugs for Samson Snapp.

Derek continued selling drugs until he became a target of the Crooked Man, a super-powered villain who was hunting down Snapp's dealers. Turning his life around, Derek began working with narcotics lieutenant Dani Handler to bring down Snapp. Shortly thereafter, Derek began training as a costumed hero with the second Green Knight, Martin Rock.

Throughout it all, Derek remained secretive and kept odd hours-- which made his father think he was sliding back into illeagal activities. Derek was just starting the first tentative steps of earning back his father's trust when Moses was murdered by Ellis Banks in a liquor store.

Derek took his costumed identity, Blue Boxer, partially in memory of his father.

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