Melvin Tightly was the antagonist of the Green Knight Annual, a psychopathic psychologist fond of blackmailing his patients. Among these patients was the dying Ree Cradle, who told Tightly that her husband, Ray Cradle, was the Green Knight.

After Ray's death, Tightly used the information Ree had provided him to gain access to the Knight's Den, the secret sub-basement beneath Cradle Manor. Kidnapping Anders Cradle and blowing up the mansion proper, he used the remainder of Ray's discarded gear to initiate a spree of wanton destruction under the name the Green Night.

Martin Rock, at first falsely accused of murdering Anders, created a makeshift Green Knight costume and set forth to clear his name. He tracked Tightly down to the Knight's Den, defeated him, and freed Anders.

Tightly was turned over to the justice system, but the status of his case is unknown.