Dr. Marita Costello (died 2007) was the inventor of the Vibra-Jacket and head of the Kistler Building at Jolt City University. Her work brought her back into contact with druglord Samson Snapp, with whom she had attended high school. Deeply unhappy with her philandering husband, Costello asked Snapp to use his criminal contacts to hire a hitman; she hired the demented Trapper.

Her husband was rescued by the second Green Knight (Martin Rock); she confessed and was taken into custody. Dani Handler and Green Knight, eager to build a case against Snapp, hoped to implicate him in the attempted murder. Snapp and his mole, Assistant District Attorney Jack Fisk, had Costello murdered to prevent her from testifying against him-- ironically through the use of her own invention, the Vibra-Jacket.


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