The Little League of Doom are eight preteen boys who were briefly gifted with Doc-Class powers, appearing in the Jolt City story of the same name. They used those powers to carry out a terrible rampage that resulted in the loss of over thirty lives.


The team is never referred to as "the Little League of Doom" outside of the story's title; they are actually the Proctor Products Fighting Badgers.


All the boys possessed the same powers: flight, super-strength and speed, invulnerability, and destructive vision powers. One of the boys, Davis, demonstrated an ability to generate high-speed winds via his flatulence.

The powers came from an alien artifact, first flowing into the body of Ralph Zurich-- the ninth member of the little league team. Ralph was hospitalized for the duration of the others' rampage and was largely unaware that he had gained super-powers. Unwittingly, he divided his own power equally among himself and his teammates; they only lost their powers when Ralph dispersed them to every living creature.


Of the eight boys who participated in criminal activity, five are named, two are referred to as "the twins", and one is left anonymous. The five named boys are:

Jack, the ringleader, bully, and alpha male. It is he that suggest they embark on their course of destruction, he that commits the first murder, and he that suggests they gang-rape a woman to death.

Joshua "Fish" Berg, the weakest of the bunch. Fish largely does not participate, rather trying to convince his fellows that they should abandon their course. He is easily cowed by their threats of physical violence and death, and so must stand impotently by. He is the one who is accidentally responsible for the loss of the Green Knight's left hand. Tragically, it is Fish who ends up bearing the brunt of the blame for their actions, when the other boys testify that it was he and not Jack who was the ringleader. He ends up serving a life sentence, while the others get less than ten years.

Doug, who is friendlier towards Fish than the others. At the same time, he's more than happy to go along with the rest of the group.

A.J., who is perhaps more sadistic than the others, taking special glee in the destruction around him.

Davis, who is extremely flatulent and corpulent.


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