Journey Into # 15, "Slow Build" (September 2010, Tom Russell) is the eighty-seventh Eightfold publication. Created in answer to High Concept Challenge 13, "Legacies", it finds Philip Whaley, the powerless original Darkhorse, donning the identity one last time. Whaley, now a Cabinet Secretary in the Obama administration, reflects on the five years he's spent without his powers as he flies aboard a secret seaplane to the convention center where a malevolent, vengeance-seeking software demo has taken control of the third Darkhorse's body and powers. Through cunning, he is able to defeat the speedster and free her from the software's clutches. However, having violated the Humphrey Law, he resigns from his post.

Guest StarsEdit

Dr. Fay

Gregory Dingham


Journey Into 15

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