Journey Into # 13, "The Five Graph Trap!" (July 2010, Tom Russell) is the eighty-fifth Eightfold publication. Created in answer to High Concept Challenge 11, "Death Traps", it concerns Shaka Zoom, the nemesis of Fahrenheit Man and a super-genius bent on world domination.

Realizing that he is too old to create the meaningful and lasting utopia that is the ultimate aim of his various schemes, but further realizing that his desire for power is so great that he'll try anyway-- to the detriment of both himself and his goal-- he decides to construct a death trap that will prevent him from carrying out his plans. This, we are told, will be a daunting task, as Shaka Zoom seems capable of thinking his way out of any trap, including his own.

The title alludes to the story's unusual five paragraph format, a "trap" the author willingly subjected himself to.


This is the first issue of this series to drop the ellipses from the Journey Into... title.


Journey Into # 13

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