Journey Into... # 2 (April 2006, Tom Russell) is the twenty-seventh Eightfold publication. Divided into three chapters, it is a largely humourous story centered on the adventures of Max Lang and his wife, the popular superheroine Julie Ann Justice. The powerless Max is frequently kidnapped and threatened by costumed criminals with a vendetta against his better half, and Julie Ann frequently has to come to his rescue. In the press, he is dubbed "Mr. Julie Ann Justice"-- a situation that causes considerable tension in their marriage.

In the first chapter, "In the Clutches of the Contessa!", Max is kidnapped by the Cloning Contessa and sequestered within her Chateau of Doom. He is rescued not by his wife, but by their cat, Docrates.

In the second chapter, "The Mysterious Birthday Present!", Max opens an anonymously-given present on his birthday. Said present bequeaths to him the ability to puff up his body like a balloon and slowly float above the ground.

In the final chapter, "Zeppelin-Mania!", Max adopts the costumed identity of the Human Zeppelin, even though his powers aren't offensively, or even defensively, useful in even the slightest degree. Much to his surprise he becomes astonishingly, ridiculously popular with the public, and is seen as a kind of bad joke to heroes with "real" powers and training, his wife included. When her colleagues the Seven Wonders try to replace the retired Darkhorse with her husband, she blanches. At the story's end, "Mrs. Human Zeppelin" is kidnapped by a villain seeking her husband's autograph and needs to be rescued.


Human Zeppelin;

Julie Ann Justice;


Cloning Contessa-- not to be confused with Erika Fumetti;

Fahrenheit Man;


Captain Phantasm;




Journey Into... # 2

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