Journey Into... # 1, "Metronome" (May 2005, Jamie Rosen & Tom Russell) is the fourth Eightfold publication and the only collaborative effort by Eightfold founders Rosen and Russell to date. It introduces Adam Rabinowitz, formerly the villainous Dr. Metronome, now an elderly piano tutor. He takes up his former identity once more in order to rescue one of his students, Katie Morgan, from the girl's psychotic mother. He sacrifices his life to do so, even as he kills the mother. Katie hides the old man's costume.

The eighteen-year-old Katie puts off going to college for music so that she can raise her two siblings, eight-year-old Princess and ten-year-old Simon. When Princess becomes convinced her dead mother is hiding in the bathroom, she begins to defecate in her brother's shoebox. Katie adopts the persona of Dr. Metronome to help her sister overcome this fear.


Rosen and Russell wrote this story round-robin style: one would write a scene, the other would gloss over it and add a little, the first would gloss over that and add a little, until, viola!, story.


Both Dr. Metronomes.


Journey Into... # 1

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