Journey Into..., known from the thirteen issue on simply as Journey Into, is a sporadically-published series of self-contained stories across a widening variety of genres: straight-forward superheroics, children's stories, weird westerns, silly humour, and pulpy adventure stories. Many of the stories are published in response to a High Concept Challenge.

1 The two Dr. Metronomes, one a villain, one a hero. Jamie Rosen & Tom Russell
2 The Human Zeppelin, and his wife, Julie Ann Justice. Russell
3 Fleetfeet (the future Darkhorse II) fights to protect his secret identity from a nosy professor. Russell
ANNUAL Santa Claus and his world of magic and wonder. Russell
4 Johnny Banana, an ape crook from another reality. Russell
5 A strange little poem about a snowman politician. Russell
6 Super-powered western heroes after a stolen train. Russell
7 A man who talks to fish. Russell
8 The Grey Gelding, a depression-era automaton, makes his way through 2009. Russell
9 A would-be conquistador risks life and limb for a bag full of chocolate. Russell
10 Heidi Schenck, a East German Olympian with a talent for lying and telling the truth at the same time. Russell
11 The eccentric employees of The Leon Czolgosz Memorial Library. Russell
12 The Orphans of Mars. Plus a T-Rex. Russell
13 Shaka Zoom. Russell
14 The extended family of the diabolical Professor Longitude. Saxon Brenton
15 The third Darkhorse, and the first starring role for the original Darkhorse. Russell

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