Jolt City # 1, The Paradise Snake! (August 2006, Tom Russell), is the thirty-fourth Eightfold publication, and the first part of the Verdant Vigilante storyline. It takes place in September of 2006 and pits Martin Rock, the second Green Knight, against a costumed criminal with an idiosyncractic and self-serving code of honour. This Paradise Snake, hired by druglord Samson Snapp to eliminate the Green Knight, has the ability to glide and twist in the air, somewhat-- but only somewhat-- like his real-life namesake, the Paradise Tree Snake.

Unable to best him in physical combat-- indeed, Martin takes quite a vicious beating-- the Green Knight appeals to that same twisted sense of honour by confronting Paradise Snake with the human costs of Snapp's drug empire.


Samson Snapp, the untouchable druglord;

Lt. Danielle "Dani" Handler, Martin's partner in his war on Snapp, and future romantic interest;

Paradise Snake, the villain.


The Jolt City novel omits this story completely, only transplanting a description of Dani Handler into the next chapter. Author Tom Russell has publicly waffled back-and-forth on the story, having been rather dissastified with it, especially in comparision to the other stories. And yet he doesn't think it's a bad story, per se-- it's just not a particularly necessary one. The Paradise Snake has never appeared or been mentioned again.


Jolt City # 1, via Pipermail

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