Max Lang (born 1982), better known as the world-famous Human Zeppelin, is a ridiculously popular "hero" in the Eightfold Universe, the idol of millions and the subject of many internet memes. Max possesses the ability to puff up his body into a sort of nigh-invulnerable balloon or blimp, allowing him to slowly drift about in the air. He has no real offensive or defensive capabilities, nor any significant combat training. This makes his unprecedented popularity extremely dumbfounding to many other, more "serious" heroes-- not least of all his wife, Julie Ann Justice.

Before he gained his powers, Max was frequently kidnapped by his wife's villains and felt excluded from her social circle. Unhappy and frustrated, he became very caustic, bitter, cynical, and sarcastic. Once he gained his powers, he found himself enjoying life for the first time in a long time. He became fast friends with many of Julie Ann's Seven Wonders colleagues, foremost among them being Fahrenheit Man. He's now fairly happy-go-lucky and more open to wonder and joy, even if he is still known to snark every once in a while.

Julie Ann and Max have a pet, Docrates.

Major AppearancesEdit

Journey Into... # 2

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