The RACC High Concept Challenge is a series of linked contests in which writers across various imprints in the rec.arts.comics.creative USENET group write stories revolving around a particular "high concept" or theme. After the contest deadline, a winner is decided by popular, anonymous vote, who then sets the theme and deadline for the next contest.

The contests were inaugurated by Eightfoldian Tom Russell-- an idea that was inspired by Shmup-Dev's series of rapid prototype contests-- and have proved reasonably popular. Several Eightfold stories have been written as part of these contests.

01 Forgotten Man == Andrew Burton & Saxon Brenton
02 Superhuman worried about kids; uplifted but non-anthropomorphic animals. Journey Into 06 Martin Phipps
03 Talking to animals. Journey Into 07 Tom Russell
04 Kitbashing == Dave Van Domelen
05 Anachronoid. Journey Into 08 Scott Eiler & Brenton
06 "When the Earth becomes infested with hardwired aliens, one Earthling and his/her chocolate respond by swimming." Journey Into 09 Van Domelen
07 Olympics. Journey Into 10 Andrew Perron
08 Opposites. Journey Into 11 Brenton
09 The Red Planet. Journey Into 12 Van Domelen
10 The Immigrant Experience == Burton
11 Death traps. Journey Into 13 Russell
12 Under the Weather. == Van Domelen
13 A Legacy Reclaimed. Journey Into 14; Journey Into 15 Russell
14 Surprisingly Awesome Animal Hero.