Gregory Dingham (born 1983) is the primary protagonist of Speak! Waking up one morning with the ability to make things happen simply by speaking his desires, he waffles about using his powers for both heroing and mundane uses before deciding to embark on a life of super-crime.

Saxon Brenton once said of Dingham,

Intelligent and
given to introspection, Gregory knows perfectly well
what is right and wrong, but in an almost bloody
minded effort to proclaim his freedom from the weight
of expectations that he imagines hangs over him, he
goes and does something completely different.  He's
transgressing against his own nature, probably in an
attempt to excuse himself from the responsibility he

Dingham hooks up with Harry Cash, an ex-con villain just out of prison, and together the two plot a kind of comeback. Along the way, Dingham debates the morality of his actions-- including a nasty habit of inducing orgasms in unsuspecting passerbys-- and tries to come to grips with the enormous potential of his powers.

In his first (and only) super-powered battle, Dingham send the Pachyderm to the hospital, robs Darkhorse of his super-speed, and ends up kidnapping the second Dr. Metronome, whom he stops short of sexually assaulting in her sleep.

Eventually surrounded by police, Dingham creates an earthquake. There are surprisingly few casualties, but Harry Cash is one of them. Dingham is apprehended. His first trial was declared a mistrial two minutes after he declared that the jury would not find him guilty.

Shortly thereafter, he escaped. His current whereabouts are unknown.