The first (untitled) issue of the Green Knight miniseries (November 2005, Tom Russell) is the eighteenth Eightfold publication, and the first part of the Bread and Lentils storyline. It begins with Ray Cradle, the first Green Knight, discovering that he has terminal cancer. A secretive, some would say paranoid man, Cradle seeks treatment for his illness under a pathetically transparent disguise while attempting to continue his life as a costumed adventurer. The Green Knight succumbs to fatigue and nausea while in the company of one of his informants-- in reality, his former and estranged sidekick, Martin Rock.


Ray Cradle, the first Green Knight;

Ree Cradle, his deceased wife;

Martin Rock, Ray's estranged sidekick;

Anders Cradle, Ray's emotionally distant son;

The Director's Guild of Anarchy, a group of villains specializing in "complex illusions";

Oni, either a Japanese demon or an "anime-obsessed" criminal (see "Canon" below).

At this point, Jolt City has not yet been named.


In the Jolt City novel, this first issue, along with the second and part of the third, forms the basis for the book's first chapter, Ray. There were some massive cuts-- especially to the second issue. The character of the Oni is eliminated altogether, and has not been mentioned since.

The author highly suggests that you read the Green Knight miniseries in its vastly improved version in the novel.


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