The Green Knight miniseries ran for seven issues and an annual and largely concerns the relationships between the terminally ill Ray Cradle-- a billionaire industrialist/inventor who had adventured as the first Green Knight-- and his two "sons": his awkward and aloof biological son, Anders Cradle, and his estranged sidekick, Martin Rock. The seven regular issues were heavily revised and condensed into five chapters for their inclusion in the Jolt City novel, in which the over-all storyline is given the title of Bread and Lentils-- a reference to the biblical story of Esau and Jacob.

The Green Knight Annual pits Martin, now the second Green Knight after Ray's death, against the demented psychologist Melvin Tightly, who has kidnapped Anders and uncovered Ray's secret identity. It also introduces Martin's confidante Father Roy Riddle, establishes the new Knight's Den, and generally sets the stage for the Jolt City series.

Green Knight # 1 [UNTITLED] 1. Ray
Green Knight # 2 [UNTITLED] 1. Ray
Green Knight # 3 [UNTITLED] 1. Ray / 2. Silver and Gold
Green Knight # 4 [UNTITLED] 2. Silver and Gold
Green Knight # 5 [UNTITLED] 3. Anders
Green Knight # 6 [UNTITLED] 4. Secret Origins
Green Knight # 7 [UNTITLED] 5. Hot Damn

Annual: "Churches";

"The Return of the Green Knight";

"A Desperate Duel"

6. Terror of the Green Night!