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The Green Knight is the sworn protector of Jolt City. There have been two Green Knights so far: Ray Cradle and Martin Rock.

Ray Cradle (1969-2005)Edit

Main article: Ray Cradle.

Boy genius Ray Cradle had already become a millionaire and founded Cradle Industries, Jolt City's number one employer, when boredom led him to don the customed identity of the Green Knight. Not a natural athlete but a quick study and incisive thinker, he relied on his considerable mental acumen, not to mention the various gadgets he perfected and bankrolled with his millions.

Early in the seventies, he began training twelve-year-old gymnast Martin Rock as his sidekick, the Acrobat. They would, over twenty years later, have a serious falling out. Martin did not fully come back into Ray's life until his old mentor was dying of cancer. The night before Cradle died, he passed the mantle of the Green Knight to Martin.

Martin Rock (2005-2008)Edit

Main article: Martin Rock.

Martin had spent a decade as a gritty, street-level vigilante before being asked to take on the colourful daytime hero persona of the Green Knight. His early career was spent trying to strike a balance between the two sides: trying to make a long-lasting social difference while struggling to embrace aspects of Cradle's code of honour, depending on his self-reliance while learning to depend on others. Tossing off a lot of the Cradle gear he found extraneous-- such as special suits and infra-red goggles-- Martin relies on his athletic prowress, electric torch, gas pellets, and (until very recently) grapple gun. His preferred mode of transportation is a unicycle.

Coming into the mantle while in his mid-forties-- a dangerous proposition in any day and age-- Martin finds his considerable skills on the wane. He has begun training a sidekick of his own, Blue Boxer, with the intention of retiring in the near future.


Derek Mason briefly adventured as the Green Knight while Martin Rock was remanded to Earbox, in part to protect Rock's secret identity.

Not to be confused with the Green Night (Melvin Tightly), a psychopathic psychologist who had access to Cradle's gear and secrets.

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