The Gorgon (first coded, 2000) is a "hypnotic genocidal computer virus", bent on the total destruction of the human race. It is able to plant hypnotic suggestions into the human mind via flashing computer screen displays. These suggestions range from the embarrassing to the self-destructive, though it should be noted that they should not be equated with outright "mind control". They're more like a hard-to-shake but still possible-to-resist impulse implanted in the brain.

Being a computer virus, the Gorgon can never be destroyed so long as some copy of it exists on some hard-drive, somewhere.

The Gorgon was last seen battling his frequent nemesis, Fleetfeet, whom the Gorgon believes it killed.

Some of the Gorgon's structural designs were appropriated for the construction of the "escape-proof" Earbox Prison.


Journey Into... # 3