Erika Fumetti (born 1972), formerly the Clockwork Contessa, is a mentally-unbalanced designer of robots and automatons currently undergoing psychiatric treatment at a mental hospital.

The Clockwork ContessaEdit

Disturbed by a compulsive sexual attraction to children, which she never acted upon, she considered herself to be evil and unclean. Becoming obsessed with the Green Knight as a symbol of good, heroism, and purity, she convinced herself that if he fell in love with her, she would cease to be evil; if they had children, he would stop her from hurting them. Adopting the villainous identity of the Clockwork Contessa, Erika drugged the second Green Knight, Martin Rock, and sexually assaulted him. This assault was interrupted by the timely intervention of Lt. Dani Handler.

Martin, who had been raped as a child but largely "dealt" with it by bottling it up and ignoring it, did not want to press charges against the Contessa.

Friendship with Derek MasonEdit

Several months later, she met Derek Mason in a public library, and they became fast friends. Derek found Erika attractive, and vice-versa. Erika became worried that she would drug and assault Derek as she had done with the Green Knight and tried to cut off contact. Derek confronted her at home, and she told him everything: all her terrible desires, what she had done to the Green Knight, what she was worried she might do to Derek, and why she felt she was evil and should be dead.

Derek wasn't sure what to do or where to begin, and Erika feared that he would just cut her off-- especially after the death of his father. But he didn't, and even asked her to attend the funeral. At the funeral, Erika was horrified to recognize among Derek's friends Lt. Dani Handler-- the woman who had rescued the Green Knight from her clutches months before. Derek stood up for Erika, and afterwards suggested that she seek psychiatric help.


Erika admitted herself to a psychiatric hospital. It was not easy going, and she was frequently put on suicide watch. Things seemed to brighten slightly when the Green Knight came to the hospital and forgave her.

Derek still visits her two or three times a month.


Jolt City # 8 (First-App)

Jolt City # 13-17