Earbox Super-Security Prison is a facility some twenty miles outside Jolt City designed to hold super-powered criminals. Housing dozens of extremely dangerous inmates, its various high-tech security devices were borrowed from designs by the hypnotic genocidal computer virus, the Gorgon.

Martin Rock (secretly the second Green Knight) was remanded to custody in Earbox to await trial when Assistant District Attorney Jack Fisk charged him as a supervillain. Fisk expected the powerless Rock to be killed by the inmates, especially the Crooked Man, who had a vendetta against Rock. Through the use of his cunning and his athlectic skills, Rock managed to thwart each attempt on his life, and was soon classified the most dangerous man in Earbox, resulting in his move to solitary confinement and the highest security level.

From there, Martin, with the help of Darkhorse rogues Gallery, Whistler, and Chemist, became the first to escape from the "escape-proof" Earbox.

It is likely that the costumed criminals that the Green Knight and Blue Boxer apprehend are imprisoned in or remanded to Earbox.

Notable Current InmatesEdit

The Crooked Man;


Cancer Man;

Doki Doki;

Mr. Matryoshka;

Raven Man;


Angry Young Man;