Dr. Metronome is a name used by two costumed adventurers, one a deceased villain, the other an active heroine. Both use(d) a special belt that allows the user to phase through solid matter and were created jointly by Jamie Rosen and Tom Russell.

Adam Rabinowitz (1960s-1970s)Edit

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The first Dr. Metronome used his belt to commit a number of petty heists, frequently bringing himself into conflict with costumed adventurers such as the Green Knight. He retired from his villainy and lived out the rest of his days as a piano teacher. He put on the costume again when one of his students, Katie Morgan, was nearly drowned by her deranged mother. He killed Mrs. Morgan, sacrificing his life to save Katie.

Katie Morgan (2005-present)Edit

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Following the death of her mother, Katie found herself raising her two younger siblings. After using the Dr. Metronome costume as part of an elaborate ruse to convince her sister to defecate in a toilet, Katie embarked on a career as a costumed adventurer. Plucky and competent, she found herself well-regarded after she captured Gregory Dingham. She was briefly considered for membership in both The Nostalgics and the Seven Wonders, but various circumstances within those groups dashed those hopes at the time.



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