Darkhorse is the name of three super-speedsters.

Phillip Whaley (1995-2005)Edit

At the age of fourteen, Whaley hit puberty, converted to Black Islam, and mysteriously gained super-speed powers-- a gift he attributed to his religion. When he took on his costumed identity, he consciously used his heroics to stand for black manhood in general and Islam in particular. Well-liked and admired despite his propensity for snarky one-liners, Whaley made a number of very important friends and served as a member of the Seven Wonders.

In 2005, he was permanently robbed of his speed powers in a battle with Gregory Dingham. At the end of that year, he announced his formal retirement and revealed his secret identity before taking a post in the Bush White House as the Secretary for the Department of Four-Colour Affairs. He remained in that post under the Obama Administration until a technicality forced his resignation in 2010.

Brian Clipper (2006-2008)Edit

Main article: Brian Clipper.

Brian Clipper was a fellow super-speedster who operated under the name of Fleetfeet. In order to preserve his secret identity, he faked his costumed identity's death in battle with the Gorgon shortly before his friend Phillip passed him the Darkhorse mantle. Brian moved just outside of Jolt City with his wife, Daphne Clipper, and was given a government stipend through Phillip's contacts.

The easy wealth and infringement upon his territory were just two of the reasons why Martin Rock, the second Green Knight and sworn protector of Jolt City, didn't get along with the new Darkhorse. The other, more pressing reason was that while Whaley stood for something-- black manhood-- the white Clipper didn't.

Clipper sustained massive injuries while trying to prevent Martin's escape from Earbox. He underwent intensive physical therapy and briefly returned to action, helping to stop the Gorgon from using the Black Note to destroy the human race. He then announced his retirement.

Melody Mapp (2008-2014) Edit

The third and final Darkhorse