Danielle "Dani" Handler (born 1966) was formerly a Jolt City police lieutenant in the narcotics division. After assisting the second Green Knight in apprehending druglord Samson Snapp, she was appointed Jolt City's Four-Colour Liason. From this position, she facilitates communication between the city government/police force with Jolt City's costumed adventurers-- primarily the Green Knight. Dani is aware of the Green Knight's civilian identity, Martin Rock, and in fact lives with Martin in a polyamorous relationship with his other lover, Pam Bierce-- a situation she's unhappy about but is also unwilling to change.

For while she may be tenacious and tough-minded in her professional life, her management of her personal affairs suffers from an inability to assert herself. Somewhat emotionally stunted-- it's been hinted that her relationship with Rock might be based more on hero worship-- and prone to self-righteousness, Dani seems to be most at home in situations where she has some authority.