Carlos Canton is a city councilman and mayoral candidate in Jolt City. Disliked by his fellow councilpersons, manipulative and sneaky, he was the driving force behind a ballot proposal that hobbled the city's budget by setting mandatory budgets for the police and fire departments, with the new money going mostly towards high-paying desk jobs and not more cops on the street. Riding on the hysteria follow the Ellis Banks serial and mass murders, he duped Derek Mason into speaking out for the ballot proposal-- much to Derek's later chagrin.

Following the rampage of the Little League of Doom, Canton announced he was running for mayor of Jolt City.


Canton is closely allied with lady newshawk Paisley Parker and the Jolt City Chronicle-- a local newspaper with a strong bias against sitting Mayor Bernie Bates that was instrumental in swaying public opinion for the ballot proposal.

Canton and J. Donald Proctor (scion of Proctor Products, now the chief competitor of Cradle Industries) have as-of-yet unrevealed plans for Jolt City as a whole.

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