Apelantis is home of the Aquatic Ape Empire-- a species of gilled apes, similar to gorillas, that live underwater and frequently plot to take over the surface world. Thwarted time and again-- mostly, apparently, because their tactics are anything but sound-- their most recent attempt was in April of 2007, in which they invaded the Midwestern United States, starting with Jolt City.

Apelantians communicate through sign language, and most havel earned American Sign Language for when they "eventually" take over the surface world. Physically they are very strong, but when on land they are always equipped with a tank of water and a glass helmet, similar to a fish bowl.

Apelantian society frowns on failure, and will often kill its returning soldiers-- the exceptions being, of course, apes with high-ranking connections.

Notable ApelantiansEdit

- Alister, assistant to Dr. Fay.